Call For Papers

Public displays are becoming a ubiquitous resource in the urban environment: we can find them at airports showing flight schedules, in bars and cafes displaying events and menus, or on the streets showing advertising. Although most of these displays are singular installations it is not hard to imagine that these displays will become networked in the near future thus constituting a novel and powerful communication medium. Unlike today where we can see simple images and slide shows, pervasive display networks will be open and capable of running multiple diverse applications.

Creating applications for pervasive display networks brings a new set of challenges and opportunities:

  •  What kind of platforms and development environments are needed to support the development of display applications?
  •  What type of content is suitable for display?
  •  How do we personalize the content to the audience? In contrast to today’s mobile phones and laptops that are built for a single user, content on public displays may be seen by groups of users.
  •  How can we indicate that displays and applications offer interactivity? And, given the wide range of interaction technologies available, how do we indicate what type of interaction is offered, e.g., gesture, touch, or mobile phone?
  •  What are novel applications for public displays that go beyond advertising?
  •  How do we schedule multiple applications on single and multiple displays in a network?


In order to stimulate discussion and exchange of ideas on challenges and opportunities associated with creating applications for pervasive displays we propose to invite submissions addressing the following themes:

  •  Enabling technologies, software architectures, and protocols for pervasive display applications
  •  Scheduling/arranging applications and content for on display viewing
  •  Mechanisms and techniques for content moderation
  •  Personalization of networked public display applications
  •  Interaction concepts and metaphors for pervasive displays
  •  Novel applications for mobile devices and networked public displays
  •  Metrics for measuring the success of deployed applications


The intended outcomes of this workshop are the following:

  •  Bringing together researchers and practitioners to discuss techniques and challenges in the development and deployment of applications for pervasive display networks.
  •  The emergence of a common understanding and perspective on the unique opportunities and challenges related to development of applications for pervasive display networks.
  •  Development of a multi-disciplinary research agenda that shapes pervasive display applications research over the next five years and incorporates both system and HCI related issues (e.g. platforms, architectures, models, factors, measurements).